Buenos Aires has been the richest city of South America during the early 20th Century. Known as the Petit Paris (Little Paris), it is the second largest city in South America and has perfectly blended two cultures: the European, refined and eccentric, and the Latin American, vibrant, colorful and cheerful.

The cultural life of Buenos Aires is extensive and includes many edges. A coffee culture similar to the Parisian, live music, tango and milongas, museums and art galleries, a passion for rugby, soccer and polo are some of many. We invite you to immerse yourself into the Argentinean culture with our options.

When to travel_

The best season to enjoy Buenos Aires is during the spring months, September to November, or the fall, March to May. During the summer months, many residents take their holidays and travel to beachside cities such as Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires province, or Punta del Este in Uruguay.